Friday, August 4

5pm - 9pm - Stonecloud Brewing Pre-party  

Location: Stonecloud Brewing 

OKC's newest brewery and taproom will be opening only two weeks before the Summit! Pick up your registration packets (including one ticket for a free Stonecloud brew), tour the brewery, try a pint or three, and get some behind-the-scenes info on the rebirth of the historic Sunshine Laundry building from owner Joel Irby and the Pivot Project development team.

Saturday, August 5

9AM - REgistration Opens

Location: Tower Theatre Lobby

Nice and orderly, people! There's beer to drink, and you don't want to be the one holding up the line!


9:30AM - Breakfast & Stout Beer Tasting

Presented by Geeks Who Drink

Location: Tower Theatre Auditorium

Mmmm...we love the smell of beer in the morning! Get your caffeine/beer fix with Anthem Brewing, and 405 Brewing Co.


10am - Beer quality panel

Presented by Micromatic

Location: Tower Theatre Auditorium

This panel will focus on technical issues of quality, integrity, and the challenges ahead for our state's rapidly growing and changing industry.  Panelists include: Steve Bradt, Micro Matic; Shawn Savuto, COOP Ale Works, Michael Lalli, Prairie Artisan Ales; and Eric Marshall, Marshall Brewing Co.


10:45am - Session ale & seasonals Tasting

Presented by Geeks Who Drink

Location: Tower Theatre Auditorium

Light, lower ABV, and refreshing. Gotta balance out those breakfast stouts. Besides, it's still morning! You'll be sampling an easy drinker from Iron Monk Brewing, and a stout from Bricktown Brewery.


11AM - State Of The Brewnion

Location: Tower Theatre Auditorium

This year’s address, featuring members of the Craft Brewers Association of Oklahoma, will focus on a post-Senate-Bill-424 Oklahoma, and how the recent modernization of Oklahoma liquor laws has changed the outlook for local breweries and the state industry. Speakers include: Zach Prichard, Prairie Artisan Ales; Patrick Gaines, Gaines Government Services; Adam Marshall, Marshall Brewing Co.; Rick Patino, Beverage Coordinator for Pub W & The Garage. 


11:45am - Strong Ale Tasting

Presented By Geeks Who Drink

Location: Tower Theatre Auditorium

Stretch your legs and your palate as you try some heavy and complex barleywines and other strong ales from Marshall Brewing, COOP Ale Works, Twisted Spike,  Anthem Brewing, and Vanessa House Brewing.


NOON - Keynote Speaker: Damon Scott

"Craft Brewing Trends Across the United States"

Location: Tower Theatre Auditorium

Damon Scott started homebrewing while finishing a degree in chemistry from Hanover College, IN. That unofficial ‘independent research’ led to a lightbulb moment and a move to Colorado to work as a brewer. In the following ten years, Damon managed brewing operations ranging from 200 to nearly 10,000 bbls/year and experienced first-hand the challenges craft brewers face daily. In 2010, he attended Heriot-Watt University and received an MSc in Brewing and Distilling. As Technical Brewing Projects Coordinator for the Brewers Association, Damon works with the technical committee to facilitate the development of best practice guidance for small and independent craft brewers.


12:45pM - Lunch Sponsored by Hideaway Pizza

Location: Tower Theatre Lobby

After the keynote session,  grab a slice (or three) of 'za from the oldest pizzeria in the state. Hideaway serves Oklahoma craft beer in every one of their 17 locations, including their newest restaurant in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Marshall Brewing will be serving up Hideaway '57 Ale, brewed exclusively for Hideaway's restaurants.


1:15pm - Draft Systems Demonstration & Sour AlE TASTING

Presented by Brewtru

Location: Upper Level Lounge

BrewTru Beverage Services will show you the wide variety of services they offer, from draft system development to deep line cleaning. There's no one in Oklahoma doing it like these guys! Speakers include Shea Gillock, CBAO Executive Director; Micah Andrews, Oak & Ore; Joesph Junsay, BrewTru. 

Pucker up, buttercups! It's the hot new brew trend (that's as old as beer itself) sweeping the nation! Get a tart taste of what Prairie Artisan AlesVanessa House Brewing, and American Solera are doing with this style.


1:30-4PM - Tasting Floor Open

Location: Tower Theatre Auditorium

Let's get ready to ruuuuuuummmmbbblllle! If you're not already familiar with some of these Okie homebrew groups and breweries-in-planning, get ready to be schooled. And if you ARE, then you can look forward to some exciting surprises...       


The Brew Shop

Charlie Shelden

Kevin Lapham

Sean McCanne

Kurt Smelser

Eric Martin & Justin Wilson



2pm - HOPS PANEL & IPA Tasting

Presented by holLingbery & Son Hops

Location: Upper Level Lounge

Between concerns about hop shortages, a growth in hop varieties, and arguments about balance over flavor intensity, hoppy beers continue to dominate the craft beer conversation. Come join the talk, or just sporadically give a crazed-fan shout-out to your favorite hop bomb. Speakers include: Nick Trougakos, Thirsty Beagle; Matt Hollingbery, Hollingbery & Sons Hops; Cody Anderson, Roughtail Brewing Co.; Trae Carson, 405 Brewing Co.; Patrick Lively Anthem Brewing Co.

With all the hop talk, there’s really only going to be one thing on your mind. Everyone's favorite flavoring flower is in fine form with brews from Roughtail BrewingAmerican SoleraBricktown BreweryTwisted Spike, and Elk Valley Brewing.


3PM - Malt Panel & Barrel-Aged Beer Tasting

presented by country malt

Location: Upper Level Lounge

The very base of beer itself has a long and varied history. Come hear from some experts in the field (quite literally), on trends and the future of malted barley and other grains: Tom Gilbert, Tulsa World; Tyler Schoales, Great American Malting; Dave Monks, Iron Monk Brewing; Bruce Sanchez, Twisted Spike Brewing; Glenn Hall, Renaissance Brewing Co.

Barrels and Adjuncts and Aging, oh my! One last treat before we boot you brewhounds out the door: some of the finest examples of barrel-aged beer from Prairie Artisan AlesElk Valley Brewing, and Twisted Spike.